Good-bye Box! It’s been great!

I started this blog, over a year ago, to document and serve as motivation to use my CSA box to the fullest, and I’d say we had a pretty good go at it! It was great fun.

Sadly however, for the time being, I have ended my CSA membership. I’m a new parent, and I work a lot, and I thought I’d make sure I had the hang of all that first. I now know that that is incredibly foolish and that no one ever really gets the hang of parenting.

But anyway, I have a new blog, and it’s not about community supported agriculture. Or anything really. Other than me. It’s just a narcissistic voyage into shannon-land. That’s right. You can read about every mundane thing that is currently interesting me. And lots about my kid. And some things about the lovely city of Pittsburgh.

So if you are interested, (and it’s okay if you’re not) you can follow me to here.

Either way, thanks for following the box!



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