Tomato & Pepper Pasta Sauce.

OMG. How amazing is it that I made this tomato sauce in a manageable amount of time WITHOUT blanching or peeling anything? I totally stole the idea from Naima’s blog, Pittsburgh Rules. (Which, it does, indeed… except sometimes the traffic on my way home from work sucks.)

I only wish that I had read her post sooner. Because so many tomatoes died before I had a chance to make this. I just had too many of them. And neither my husband nor my dog really like tomatoes. It’s just me! In fact, by the time I got around to giving this a try, there were only a few survivors. Fortunately, I also have a pepper infestation.


And there are more where those came from.

I won’t repost the recipe, you can just check out Naima’s post. I didn’t really change much other than adding the peppers. I didn’t add sugar or thyme. And I added a little more basil. How much more?

A shit ton.

Because that’s what I had on hand. Also threatening to go bad. Geez, my vegetables are so menacing lately.

Aaand I may or may not have left it on the stove top a lot longer… because I may or may not have forgotten about it. HA HA! But it still turned out great. What a fantastic, versatile, forgiving recipe!

It made just about exactly four cups. Four wonderful, delicious cups of sauce.


Into the freezer you go for a rainy day when I’m too lazy to make dinner! Or a sunny day! If we’re being honest, these days, most days I am too lazy to make dinner.



5 responses to “Tomato & Pepper Pasta Sauce.

  1. I’m so excited that you tried it. And that you liked it. Dude, it’s so easy, right. And damn tasty, if I do say so, myself. Anyway, thanks for this. I’m so flattered.

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