What’s Going On?

You know like this:

[not my image, obvi]

Anyway, it appears it’s about time for my monthly blog post. Some fun things have happened in the past few months. So, yes, I have been living, but just not blogging.

The most important and fun thing that has happened is this:


Although Ginger would look mighty cute in these shoes, I got these baby chucks for a baby, not for my dog.

Whoa. A baby. It would appear that I am eating my box for two! So yeah, we’re having a baby! In December. Or somewhere around there.

Oh but, also. This is kind of another reason this blog hasn’t been getting a lot of my love lately. Sometimes, what’s in my CSA box is totally not what I want to eat. And what I want to eat is either ice cream or Ovaltine. Maybe you can relate. No one wants to read about that.


I’ll probably post some things here and there. I have a small smattering of posts lying-in-wait in “draft” mode.

But I’m thinking of starting a different blog. One that’s not so food focused. Even though as I write this, I am really really hungry.

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