What Is Up With Collard Greens?

Do you like them?

If so, is there some secret to liking them?

It doesn’t happen very often, but I have a hard time accepting it when I don’t like some kind of food. Usually, I’ll keep trying the food in question over and over again, assuming that eventually I will either develop a taste for it or realize that all those times I didn’t like it, it wasn’t prepared well. Or in a way that I like.


I’m not sure why I do this.

This is happening right now with these collard greens. I’ve had them a few times before. And I have to admit, I have never really liked them. I’ve slow cooked them for hours. I’ve sauteed them. I see some people eat them raw as a kind of wrap. I admittedly averted my eyes when I saw this.


This is what I did this time around: I made this totally fab roast chicken with lemons and fennel. And when it was done, I drained some of the pan juice and cooked the collard greens in that. Now, this should have been delicious. Anything cooked in pan dripping, should pretty  much be awesome. In my book. But I gotta say. They were just okay. Okay-ish, even.


I could tell it would have been delicious… if it didn’t taste like collard greens.

Here’s the recipe for the chicken, which was bangin’. Chickens are so easy. 400 degrees, one hour, BAM! Delicious dinner. Oh, and no, that chicken does not have chest hair. Or breast hair. Those are fennel fronds. They got a little singed in the 400 degree oven. Still tasty.


Open to suggestions on the collard greens issue.


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