Rye Bread

So what’s going? Where’d all the posts go?


Well. I went on vacation for a little. And then I just didn’t feel like blogging. I’m sure no one is too busted up about it, really.


Truth is, I have enjoyed the outlet for writing and picture taking that this blog has provided. But I’m kind of tired of it.

That’s kind of how I roll. I get tired of things pretty easily.

I’m kind of tired of talking about food.

And myself. Ha ha.

I mean, I still really like both of those things. Don’t get me wrong.

Oh, and also, my CSA box has been mostly just lettuce, more lettuce and three kinds of green onion. Lots of salads are happening in this house.


I love taking pictures of things. But I’m kind of over taking pictures of food. It’s been a fun little exercise. Doesn’t mean I’ll never post stuff about food again. But that yeah, the posts are gonna be more infrequent. And the big question is: Do I start a different blog? About other things I’m taking pictures of? Or do I just keep them on here. And let this blog morph into something different? Not sure.

Oh but anyway, I do love rye bread. Its, like, totally my favorite bread ever. Here’s the recipe. It’s a variation of the amazing Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day that I would seriously recommend to EVERYONE.


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