Boxty! (Irish Potato Pancakes)



I struggle a little with potatoes. Weird, huh? They are one of the more quintessential side dish foods in American culture, so it should in theory be easy to find recipes to make things with them. I don’t have anything against the traditional meat+potato+veggie=dinner equation. Oh wait. I guess I do. It just seems so unimaginative. As amazing as really good mashed potatoes can be… eh. I don’t make them that often. Thanksgiving, really. That’s about the only time.


But potato pancakes. That’s a little different, right? But not too different. I mean, you are still technically mashing potatoes. And they still go great with a little green onion and sour cream. Heck, I bet they would even go great with gravy, if you were so inclined.

I think my favorite thing about these pancakes is that they have grated and mashed potatoes in them. Like a spudsy dynamic duo. A starchy tag team.

Anyway, this was a fun little side dish. Nothing crazy. I got the recipe from Chow, and followed it pretty closely. Aaaand I don’t feel like retyping it. 🙂


  • My potatoes came from Clarion River Organics
  • The eggs came from Butterbaugh Eggs
  • I got everything from Penn’s Corner Farm Stand!

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