Sweet Potato Cream Pasta with Crunchy Kale.

Who doesn’t love pasta? I sure do. Here is some HUGE pasta! Just kidding. It’s just regular ol’ spaghetti. Of the whole wheat variety.


On any given day, there are two resounding thoughts on my mind:

  • I’m hungry.
  • Do I have kale in my teeth?

And seriously. That’s it. It’s nice to have a recipe recipe that speaks to both of those things. It’s creamy and seemingly decadent and indulgent, but honestly, not really so bad for you. The sauce is mostly sweet potatoes and skim milk. I bet you could make it with coconut milk. That could be tasty.


This is another recipe from How Sweet It Is. I followed it pretty darn close, so I’ll just let you check out her blog, if you want the recipe. The kale chips are wonderful. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of kale, which I totally am, I bet you would still like the kale chips. Do you like crunchy? Do you like salty? Of course you do.

Hmm, and what did I learn from making this? I think I learned about kale chips. I had heard of kale chips. Whispered on the wind, and such. But I had been resistant to trying them for some reason. Not sure why. I mean, I like kale. A lot. I eat that shit for breakfast. I think it’s kind of like one of those things where if everyone is telling you how awesome a band is, you feel lame checking them out. Like you’re being some kind of follower or jumping on a band wagon or something. I was resistant to jumping on the kale chip wagon. But I’m on there now, buddy. And I’m riding it all the way hoooome.


And what have we here? A little blogging buddy. This post is short on words because I was so distracted by Ginger.



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