Quinoa Minestrone.

Look at these friggin carrots.

Quinoa Minestrone | How I Ate My Box

Look at em. They look like deciduous leaves blanketing a sidewalk in autumn. I didn’t know they came in these colors, and I feel my world expanding because of this realization. How carrot-sheltered I have been.

Quinoa Minestrone | How I Ate My Box

This is another one of Somer’s recipes. As I haphazardly fumble through an almost green smoothie challenge. It’s like this:

I have definitely been drinking a green smoothie every day for breakfast. They are amazing. And I might actually do this for the rest of my life.

I have been working out. But I always work out. Not quite an hour of cardio per day, but I take a butt-kicking pilates class several times per week and do a bunch of running most other days.

I have definitely been sort of doing the vegan thing. Unless I am at a restaurant and the only vegan thing on the menu is juicy lettuce sandwiched between two decadent pieces of lettuce. And unless something animal product in my fridge is about to go bad if I don’t eat it right now. Apparently my wasting-food anxiety is greater than my desire to not feel gross. Oh and unless I am feeding my husband. I love feeding my husband. And sometimes, I love feeding him meat. And also, unless it greatly inconveniences the people around me. So basically, when I am sitting in a dark closet by myself, eating dinner… ha ha, you get the picture.

I have been drinking significantly less coffee. Which I have wanted to do for years anyway.

And I have been staying away from alcohol. Psyche. Nope, I haven’t been doing that at all. But c’mon. I bought tickets to this awesome Dogfish Head beer dinner months ago! (Totally worth it, by the way. Plus, I got to meet and chat with the guys who own and run Wild Purveyors, a specialty foods shop in Pittsburgh with all kinds of Certified Organic/sustainable/seasonal/hormone and antibiotic free/grass fed foods. Tom and Cavan Patterson are not only very cool guys, but they began their business by foraging for mushrooms. How badass is that? That’s actually how I was introduced to them. Via mushrooms. The mushrooms I receive from Penn’s Corner come from their shop.)

Oh anyway. I’ll do better next week I swear.

Quinoa Minestrone | How I Ate My Box

Either way. I’m feeling pretty good about my food for the most part. First of all, I’m not really interested in the challenge for weight loss reasons, but more for just health in general. If I lost a few pounds I wouldn’t be upset or anything. It’s mostly because tend to have sensitivities to food and I  also find myself pretty tired and groggy after I eat. This is a good way to kind of get all that stuff out of my system and start fresh. That, and it’s just another way to invest a little more time and thought into the stuff I eat.

I’ve really never been great at all-or-nothing kind of things. I have learned from the past that its best for me to change my ways gradually. I wholeheartedly embrace the benefits of a vegan diet, both to the world and to my intestines. But is anything bad going to happen if there are some parmesan shavings on my salad? … probably not. And am I being more thoughtful about my food and it’s origin and more cognizant of what I put in my bod? Yes’m. And is this a healthy improvement upon the way that I had been eating? Definitely.

So I’m not too hard on myself.

Also, I would just like you to know that I think I may have seen a glimpse of my own abdominal muscles the other day. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. I don’t know, maybe it was a shadow, or smudge of makeup on the mirror or something. I’ve never seen them before, so I’m not quite sure what they look like.

*Edit – in case you are curious:

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