A Little New Box.

Happy Daylight Savings Time! Did everyone remember to “spring ahead”? Luckily most of my clocks remember to do it for me. Good thing. Because I never remember crap like that. I feel like Daylight Savings Time gets a lot of hate. Everyone hates loosing that precious hour of sleep. Not me. I am eager to give it up in exchange for having an hour more of daylight each night. Consider it a gift, my darling daylight savings time.

Mmm. There’s just something about sitting on a porch in the evening. For months now, I have been having springtime daydreams of relaxing on my front porch, slowly sipping some tasty concoction. Some winter-vanquishing elixir. I can almost hear the crickets.

Anyway, there isn’t too much in the way of produce available this time of year. Plus I have kind of a lot going on this week that will prevent me from making dinner every night. Some fabulous friends of mine are getting married next weekend. Cannot wait.

A Little New Box | How I Ate My Box

So it’s so very nice that this  Farm Stand thing gives me the flexibility to just order what we are going to eat this week. I got TWO bags of pea shoots, because not only am I on a crazy salad kick (I gotta compensate for these lovelies somehow), but they are great sauteed and in all kinds of other stuff too! Is there a pea shoot soup (Say that five times fast) in my future? I dunno, maybe!

And a big bag of these beautifully colored mixed carrots.

A Little New Box | How I Ate My Box

And that’s it!

I still have a lot left over from previous weeks, including a few turnips, purple carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, shallots, garlic, and even a few blue potatoes. I guess you’ll just have to hang around and see what I make with all of it!

Where’d it all come from?

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