An Impromptu Salad.

Well, the salad wasn’t impromptu, it was quite premeditated. What was impromptu, was the blog post. I really wasn’t planning on blogging about this salad, but it was just so amazing, I couldn’t help it. That’s why there is all that cell phone and lens cap clutter in the picture. I was just too overwhelmed with my salad to create a decent composition.

An Impromptu Salad | How I Ate My Box

Here’s what this salad’s got goin on:

Spring mix salad greens

Pea shoots (Yay! CSA!)


Purple Turnips, sliced real thin (Yay! CSA!)


Artichoke hearts

Black beans


Fresh basil

And its topped off with Somer’s Tahini Goddess Dressing. There is something in the combination of the basil and the dressing that just made this over-the-top delicious.

YES. I am a salad geek.

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