Rosemary Sandwich Bread.

Look, look! It’s March! Finally.

Also, I got a little macro lens for my phone! And now I can take pictures like this:

Rosemary Sandwich Bread | How I Ate My Box

(That’s an extreme closeup of cornmeal on a pizza peel with a loaf of awesome looming in the distance)

I feel like making your own bread is one of those things that is so rewarding. People are so impressed when you are like, “Yeah, I made this bread.” Plus it’s also very rewarding to squish the dough between your fingers. This bread recipe is pretty easy and it actually doesn’t take very long to put together, which is 90% of it’s appeal to me. So don’t be too impressed.

Rosemary Sandwich Bread | How I Ate My Box

I got the recipe for this bread from this book, and I am pretty sure bad things can happen to me if I re-print without permission. If you are at all interested, the book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, is awesome. I wish I could tell you that I make my own bread all the time. But I am, in fact, too lazy for even five-minute-a-day bread. Even if it is artisan. So you can go ahead and be even less impressed.

Rosemary Sandwich Bread | How I Ate My Box

Oh wait. I just found the recipe online. Ta da! I followed this and just added about three tablespoons of fresh rosemary. Which, of course, came from my CSA.

*Check it out! This post has been entered into What’s In The Box recipe link party at In Her Chucks!


9 responses to “Rosemary Sandwich Bread.

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  3. yum! I have never made my own bread. I am a total wimp. But this recipe has me wanting to give it a shot. With my next batch of rosemary….I can smell it already!

    Thanks for sharing and linking up 🙂

    • I know, I always thought it would be too much work, too! But my friend’s mom gave me the book I mentioned in this post, and we decided to give it a shot. SO EASY! In fact, more often than not, my husband makes it. And he’s not really a baker, if you know what I mean. 😉

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