A Sort Of New Box.

So, as I mentioned in this post, there are no CSA shares available between the end of January and April in the Pittsburgh area. That’s kind of a long time to go without local produce. What the heck am I going to eat for the next four months? Penn’s Corner to the freakin rescue!

Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance is an awesome co-op of more than 30 farms in Western Pa. They have a great program called Farm Stand that is available year round. It’s sort of like a CSA, but much less mysterious. Because you know exactly whats going to be in your box. Because you pre-order everything in your box. Even though I do love mystery, it’s pretty cool!

A Sort Of New Box | How I Ate My Box

This is what I have decided to use in the interim until April when I am able to receive my usual mystery box of produce.  Mystery Box is not to be confused with Mystery Machine. But it would be cool if my CSA box came painted like the Mystery Machine, right? Right.

A Sort Of New Box | How I Ate My Box

Anyway, this installment (installments happen every two weeks) contains shallots, sweet potatoes, rosemary, deep purple carrots, parsnips, celeriac, organic brown eggs, shitake mushrooms, and chicken BBQ dog treats.

I ordered shallots and sweet potatoes because I love them. Especially sweet potatoes. Rosemary because its pretty awesome to get fresh local  herbs in the winter no matter what. Purple carrots because I have seen them in fancy restaurants and cooking shows and desperately wanted to touch them in real life. Parsnips because the idea of white carrots creeps me out and I wanted to confront that fear (what are they, like GHOST CARROTS?!). Celeriac because it’s the effing ugliest vegetable I have ever seen. Also I have never tried it. Eggs because they are just always better from a farm. Shitake mushrooms because Matt hates mushrooms and I thought our marriage was going a little too well.

A Sort Of New Box | How I Ate My Box

And the dog treats because I just wanted an excuse to put cute pictures of my dog on my blog. [Insert like 50 cutsie heart emoticons here]

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