A Sazerac Jello Shot AND a Monolith.

Caution: This post is different.

You know that scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey where that big black monolith comes down from the sky, and all the primate guys all freak out and touch it, and then they evolve and get smarter? Well, this jello shot is that monolith, and my blog is a monkey.

2001SpaceOdyssey (image is clearly not my own – see the watermark?)

Um. Allow me to clarify. From time to time, I’ve made pretty cool things that I was, you know, proud of or would like to share/document on this blog, but chose not to do so because they had nothing to do with  my CSA. I think I have decided to include those sort of recipes/eatings/musings as I see fit.

This is my first time blogging like this. (Like this = publicly) What I have gathered from reading other blogs is that it’s pretty natural for them to sort of evolve along the way and morph away from their initial conception and into what they are really supposed to be, which is something that is fulfilling for the blogger and for me, an accurate representation of my interests.

I think of my myself as a collection of little contradictions, all tangled up like a bowl of spaghetti. There are certain things about me that have made it hard for me to really squeeze myself into any niche. And I think everyone is like this to some degree. Whatever. The last thing I want to do is come across as preachy or smug about any lifestyle that I may or may not be living.  But this is kind of what I am talking about:

I love the idea of buying local stuff and supporting local agriculture for all of the wonderful reasons outlined here, on this blog that I love, Move Eat Create. Shannon said it far better than I ever could. (Shannons tend to be really cool people. Just sayin’.) I agree with every single one of her reasons! But do I sometimes buy shit at Target? Yes. And “sometimes” is probably a euphemism for “I have very little restraint when it comes to purchasing 16 of those little colorful tee-shirts that were undoubtedly made in a horrific sweatshop somewhere.”

I devote considerable resources to making food in my own kitchen that is made from whole, awesome ingredients. I get a little grossed out when I think about ingesting things I cannot pronounce. Even if that shit is approved by the FDA, I am for darn sure that it isn’t good for you. But sometimes, I do it anyway. Hey there, Cinnabon. I think we have a date later tonight. Wink wink.


I get vegetarianism. I really, really do. And sometimes when I look at my cute little doggie, and observe her intelligence and her personality (Look how good she is at scrabble!), then direct my gaze down to the bacon festering on my sandwich and reflect upon the fact that it came from a being that science says is smarter and more evolved than my little pup, I feel kind of yucky. But at the end of the day, I feel like awareness of where our food comes from is the actual issue. The meat industry is super gross and cruel and has a ton of room for reform. But I don’t have any moral conflict with consuming another animal that was treated humanely and killed lightly. (Monty Python reference – which sketch?!) So when it comes to meateating, for me, moderation is key, and while I don’t think I will ever feel the need to eliminate meat from my diet entirely, I try to eat it less than twice a week. (i.e. once) So you’ll find a lot of vegetarian recipes on here. But you’ll also see some cheeseburgers.  When I can afford it, Mayor McCheese will come from a local farm, and not a big gross flesh factory. But, apologies, he might be soaked in booze.

I think about nutrition, health and fitness constantly.  I work out kind of a lot. For the most part, I eat really healthy. But you know what I think about more than nutrition, health and fitness? Booze. Yeah. I like it. I like it a lot. I like learning about it, I like trying new things I have never had before, I like cooking with it, I like making stuff out of it.  In fact! For me, a major source of motivation for working out and eating healthy is so that sometimes I can relax, drink beers and eat cheese fries with other people!

Finally! She’s going to talk about the edibles!

Which transitions nicely into talking about this little dude. A jello shot made with rye whiskey, bitters, absinthe and a bit o’ lemon peel. Here is where the recipe came from. I freaking love CHOW. A few callouts:

  • My shots didn’t have absinthe in them. I didn’t have any so I used an anise liqueur instead. You know why? Absinthe is freaking expensive.
  • I added the bitters IN the jello, not in the topping. Made more sense to me that way.
  • This is some pretty boozy jello. I used an entire 27 oz bottle or whiskey to make these.
  • When the recipe says “serve immediately”, they aren’t kidding. The sanding sugar topping melted into a leaky mess in a matter of hours, even with refrigeration. Consider yourself warned!

sazerac jello shot

So a anyway, in conclusion, for me life is about moderation. Having fun while we are here, but keeping healthy so we can enjoy the time we have here. And I guess all I’m trying to do is maintain a balance. A balance that includes a few spontaneous dance parties here and there. Some grilled cheese sammies. Some good beers. There probably (hopefully) won’t be too many other posts like this where I ramble on and on about my personal opinions and feelings and blah blah blahhhh.


Oh and don’t worry, my blog isn’t about to hit another blog over the head with a large femur bone in order to reclaim the watering hole that was stolen from it by a neighboring tribe of blogs. Were you worried about that? Oh… you weren’t?


3 responses to “A Sazerac Jello Shot AND a Monolith.

  1. This is so great. Thanks for the inclusion here and I so appreciate your honesty about this topic. I totally think that it’s not about being perfect with our choices, but having awareness and doing the best we can on any given day with it. (I still shop at Target, too!)

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