Orzo with Beets, Kale and Romano.

Mm. Purple. The color of love.

Orzo with Beets and Kale | How I Ate My Box

Still workin’ on that monster beet. I know, crazy, right? After this dinner, it’s seriously, finally almost gone. There are just a few slivers of it left.

This is the recipe I used. I followed it pretty closely. My beets were bald. They didn’t have the greens attached, so I used some kale. And I didn’t have feta, but I did have some awesome romano cheese from my CSA. This orzo was really really really good. The saltiness of the cheese complimented the sweetness of the beets mixed with the pine nuts and the bitterness of the kale, it was just an awesome combination of flavors.

I kind of think beets taste a little cinnamon-y. My husband thinks I’m nuts. Am I?

Either way, I was so happy that the recipe made enough for leftovers.

Orzo with Beets and Kale | How I Ate My Box

*This post has been entered into Wednesday Fresh Foods at Gastronomical Sovereignty!


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