Bánh mì. Sort of?

There are several differences between these sandwiches and real, traditional Vietnamese bánh mì. The bread is regular old Italian bread, and was not made from rice flour. There is no liver pâté.  There is no head cheese. Frankly, if I am eating something called “head cheese”, I’d rather not know.  And then probably all the other differences that I don’t even know about because I am white and live in the United States.

Sort of Banh Mi | How I Ate My Box

Oh, one more thing – that is parsley, not cilantro. Let’s talk about cilantro for a minute. Few things are as polarizing as cilantro. It is definitely on the list of topics you should avoid the first time you meet your significant others’ parents. “Do you think high schools should give out condoms to students? Really? Ok, and how do you feel about cilantro?” It’s just asking for drama. Anyway, that’s enough dating advice from ME!

My husband is anti-cilantro. He hates it. Passionately. And he is not alone. Personally, I am pro-cilantro, but also pro-husband. So I almost always sub parsley.

Sort of Banh Mi | How I Ate My Box

Anyway! Despite all the substitutions, these were good! And this is what was in them:

  • Italian sandwich bread (toasted)
  • Ham (we tried to buy pork roll, but they didn’t have it at the grocery store!)
  • These carrot and radish pickles
  • A sauce made of mayo and Sriracha
  • a sunny-side up egg
  • Parsley

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