Box Number Four!

This is it! This is it! This is the last CSA box that I can get until April.

Don’t worry though, I do have a plan.


Contained in this box are mixed color potatoes, yellow onion, carrots, green meat radishes, rutabaga, purple top turnips, MORE CABBAGE! (green savoy cabbage),  a hot sauce, wheat flour, and dried ancho chiles. Hmm. Interesting! Excited about the ancho chilis and a little nervous about what to do with all that cabbage!

And look at all those rutabaga. I wonder what I will turn them into…


And here are the cheeses that came in my share this week:

  • A goat Romano rubbed with paprika and olive oil. OoO. Exciting. I love all three of those things.
  • The Homesteader, a mozzarella cheese, from Gibsondale Cheese. I actually already ate some of this. Awesome.
  • Those two little tiny bites are samples of a wine-washed cheese from Clover Creek Cheese Cellar.


I still have a lot of cabbage left over from my last share. As well as a few turnips, and a few blue potatoes. And a little bit of  roasted squash and some beet. Overall, though, I think I am doing pretty well!

Please Please Please let me know if you have any awesome ideas on how to use lots of cabbage! 🙂

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