Beet Bread… What?!

You read that right.

I’d like to first of all say that I was pretty sure I effed this up royally at several different points in the process. I am not a bread expert. At all. I can do cake, but if it requires kneading and waiting around for hours of rising time, I’m not interested.

Beet Bread | How I Ate My Box

But somehow… this bread turned out ok! (Applause!)

This is the recipe I used, for the most part.  Instead of all-purpose flour, I used bread flour. Oh and obviously, I had to improvise with the number of beets because instead of several small beets, I have the Rock of Gibraltar beet.

The first part that was weird was my beet puree.  It got super fluffy. It held stiff peaks! No joke. Not sure if you can tell in the picture, but this stuff had the consistency of whipped cream. Not sure if that was supposed to happen. So it kind of made measuring it weird. Do I measure it as is? Do I wait a while and see if it calms down? As I mentioned above, waiting sucks. I just used it as is.

Beet Bread | How I Ate My Box

The second part that I thought I screwed up was using 3.5 cups of flour. The recipe says 3.5 to 4.5 cups. Which is kind of a large variance, I thought. Does it depend on your altitude or something? I would recommend using 4.5 cups. As I said, I decided to be conservative and used 3.5 cups. The dough was super sticky and not bread-dough like at all. So I added more flour.  After it was already all kneaded together. I was pretty sure this was going to break the gravitational constant of the universe. Since you haven’t been sucked into a wormhole or something, you can assume that it did not.

Beet Bread | How I Ate My Box

Then the third part that had me sweating bullets was waiting for it to rise. Because it didn’t. Not really anyway. It definitely didn’t double in size, like the recipe says.

Beet Bread | How I Ate My Box

But oh well. I chucked that loaf in the oven anyway. And this is what came out.

Beet Bread | How I Ate My Box

Now I bet you are wondering what I did with this bread. I guess you’ll just have to wait until another post.

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