Box Number Three! Whoo Hoooo!

Hi folks.

This weekend I was the proud recipient of another brand new box of farm goodies!

Box Number Three! Whoo Hoooo! | How I Ate My Box

This box contains more sweet dumpling squash, red potatoes, watermelon radishes, green kale, yellow onions, red turnips, garlic, red beets, honey puffed spelt, canned sweet peppers in tomato sauce, two swiss cheeses and a cheddar! The first swiss is raw grass-fed cow cheese from Milky Way Meadows, the second swiss cheese is called Tussey Mountain from Clover Creek Cheese Cellar. This swiss is “blind”!! (which just means it has no holes in it, or “eyes.”) The cheddar is apparently also from Clover Creek. Notice that the cheddar is not pictured. That’s because I already ate a significant part of it. Sometimes a girl just needs some cheese.

What am I most excited about in this box? I think I am most excited about the puffed spelt. I don’t think I have ever before experienced puffed spelt. I wonder what I will do with it? I guess you can just pour some milk over it and eat it just like any cereal… but that’s boring!

The last share I picked up had me feeling overwhelmed by the gigantic clove of garlic and the insanely huge head of savoy cabbage. Well, the hugeness continues this week with this guy. Any guesses what that is next to my head? (Pardon the blurry picture AND the crazed look in my eyes.)

Box Number Three! Whoo Hoooo! | How I Ate My Box

It’s a beet. One monster of a beet. Apparently, if you don’t take them out of the ground, they can JUST KEEP GROWING! For the record, this beet weighs exactly three pounds.

Box Number Three! Whoo Hoooo! | How I Ate My Box

Here’s a sweet little picture of my dog, Ginger, beholding the beet’s hugeness. She always wants to be involved.

And this is what is left over from last week:

  • Lots of potatoes. Oh man. So many potatoes. Anyone know of some awesomely creative potato dishes? Because I need some!
  • Some of the Asiago cheese. But I’m not too concerned about that because it stays good for a while and I’m prone to cheese-snacking.
  • A significant part of the giant head of cabbage. I guess I’ll keep chipping away at that, as well!

So here is a question for you fellow CSA subscribers: This week is my second-to-last share in my subscription. After that, there are no CSA subscriptions where I live available until April.  It’s kind of a bummer and I’m not sure how to go back to planning meals around produce I’ve chosen voluntarily. Are your CSA subscriptions available year round? If not, what do you do in the winter months?

9 responses to “Box Number Three! Whoo Hoooo!

  1. Thanks for your blog, your friend, Lori turned me on to this and you are so cute! Also I have to say that I am really looking into a CSA for the spring/summer. As for potatoes, you could shred them and put them in the freezer for home made hash browns…or make a scalloped potato, those usually use up many potatoes. You could make a shepard’s pie and make a mash for the top. I have lots of potato recipe ideas…if you have some cabbage left, you could make colchannan, an Irish potatoe, cabbage and cheese casserole.

    • Hey Jenna! So happy Lori sent you my way!
      Those are all awesome ideas! Thanks so much! My husband actually suggested to me yesterday about shredding the potatoes and freezing them for hash browns. I have never heard of colcannon, but if it uses potatoes and cabbage, its worth a try in my book! I had also been toying with the idea of a scallop potato as well. Maybe even a scallop potato-turnip, since I have some of those to use up too… We’ll see what happens!! 🙂

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