I think the theme of this week’s CSA share is HUGE. Just look how gigantic this clove of garlic is.  That is elephant garlic. I’m pretty sure its named after its hugeness, as it has neither a trunk nor tusks.


And holy cow. How in the world will I eat this much cabbage? That is red savoy cabbage, showcased by my sister, and shown next to my dog for comparison. As you can see, it is nearly the same size as my dog. And also, my dog appears to be afraid of it.


All together, included in this week’s share is: red savoy cabbage, blue potatoes, sweet dumpling squash, candy onion, rutabagas, green meat radishes, mixed beets, elephant garlic cloves, sweet pepper relish, and spinach. And THREE CHEESES!

A cheese from Gibsondale Cheese Company in New Castle, PA. The cheese is a raw milk asiago cheese aged about 8 months. The second is a goat cheese from Riverview Dairy, Chevre del Fuego, which means “the flaming goat”. It contains red and green jalapenos, which are always welcome in my home. The last cheese is totally awesome because its called Pirate Blue. ARRR! This cheese is from Clover Creek Dairy and its supposedly the only farmstead blue cheese being made in western Pennsylvania. WOOT WOOT! Whatever am I going to make with all of this stuff?! Stay tuned!


Oh. Perhaps you are wondering how well I fared in using all of the produce from last week? Perhaps you are not. Regardless, I am going to tell you. This is what is left from last week’s share:

  • Potatoes – kind of a lot. I might need to make some kind of straight-up potato soup or something. Good thing potatoes last a long time.
  • Goat cheese – somehow I failed in eating all of the goat cheese.
  • About half of the colby – I suck at eating cheese, apparently. Who’d have thought?
  • A few of the sunchokes went bad and I had to throw them out. I wasn’t that upset because I didn’t like them that much anyway. Wind or no wind.
  • Half of a celebration squash.  I have plans for this hemi-squash: no worries.

10 responses to “A BRAND NEW BOX! HOORAY!

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    • I had never seen a cabbage of this type OR this size either before I got one in my CSA! I bet you could hide a cabbage patch kid in there. Not sure how we are going to eat it all! 🙂

  2. I am so jealous that you get cheese in your CSA box. I would LOVE to try farm cheeses. I may need to have a chat with my farmer… He obtains some items from other local farmers and I know we have dairies around here. Hmm….

    • The cheese share that I receive is actually a separate little add-on to the regular CSA share. I’m not sure if they offer it always, but when I saw the option to add cheeses, I jumped on it!

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