Barley and Mustard Greens Pesto

Hm. I’m not really going to recommend that you try this. I’ll be honest, it was kind of weird. This is the recipe I used for a springboard (into the mire). Of course, I ate it anyway.  I think the problem is that I just used the mustard greens raw. And they have a REALLY strong flavor raw. If I did this over again, I would probably actually follow the directions and blanch them first, OR make the pesto in the food processor, and then saute the whole thing before putting it on the pasta. Because once they are cooked, the mustard greens don’t taste that much different from any other green. And I like green.

Barley and Mustard Greens Pesto

But the good thing about this recipe is that it used up the rest of my CSA mustard greens AND the rest of my CSA garlic. Also, its a pretty darn healthy recipe, which I definitely need this time of year. All those holiday parties.

Barley and Mustard Greens Pesto

I did a few other things differently from the recipe:

  • All mustard greens, no swiss chard
  • Walnuts instead of almonds
  • Olive oil instead of walnut oil.
  • sauteed some little bay scallops and had them with the barley.

2 responses to “Barley and Mustard Greens Pesto

    • Mm. That tomato pesto looks yummy! I might give this mustard green one another try sometime, if I find myself with more mustard greens. Definitely blanching them first, and possibly cutting with another green. You live, you learn, right!

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